Nanotech Peeling 
Nanotechnology is a new branch of engineering that deals with bio-active substances produced in the various fields of medicine and molecular pharmacology whose dimensions are smaller than 100 nanometers.
This technology has proven to be a procedure that improves the quality of the formulation of the drug solution. Nanotechnology uses vehicles to transport these micromoles. These vehicles are liposomes or the nanosomes.The formulation of nanotech +39 Line Plus ™ was formulated with the specific use of liposomes in monolayer.


I Peeling
What are peeling and what are their indications?
The chemical peels are acidic solutions specifically designed to exfoliate the skin as a result of specific indications such as:
- Prevention and treatment of skin aging
- acne, active and cicatrizzale
- spots
Most peels are for the exclusive use and any specific medical acid that forms the active ingredient has a specific indication of its depth and its action.
Plus the +39™ line consists of a complete range of high quality able to cover all claims. The indicators in advanced nanotechnology provides the highest levels of safety and effectiveness of both doctor and patient.


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